( schale ) 蓋 ケヤキ



Design: 綾 利洋(o-lab)

寸法:直径 103 mm / 高さ 10 mm



・ 電子レンジ、直火、湯煎での使用を避けてください。



lid Japanese zelkova / urethane finish

The various sized dots on these glass dishes were inspired by the image of cells animatedly multiplying, and are hand-painted with urushi lacquer. The wooden lids, which can double as a saucer for the dish to sit in, are available in three shades, and enhance the ways in which the dishes can be enjoyed.


Design: Toshihiro Aya (o-lab)


φ 103 mm / h 10 mm


Product details

    Product name: Urushi ware

    Type of surface decoration: urethane finish

    Base material: wood

    Country of manufacture: Japan



Please heed the care instructions as detailed below.

  ・ Please use this piece for its intended purpose.

  ・ Please discontinue use in the event of a breakage,

       chip or crack in the glass.

  ・ To ensure the colors do not fade or degrade, store

       the piece away from exposure to direct sunlight.

  ・ Do not use abrasive scrubbing pads or brushes.

  ・ Do not shake or subject the piece to any strong impact.

  ・ Do not stack Hyakushiki pieces.

  ・ Avoid exposure to boiling liquids, direct fire, etc.

  ・ Do not microwave.