( warin ) カラフェ M 透

塗り重ねられた輪状の透漆とガラスの透明感がブレンドすることで生まれる、しっとりとした質感のグラデーション。 簡易な計量も可能な、ユニークなカラフェ。

計量線:約540ml / 約400ml / 約180ml


Design: 綾 利洋(o-lab)

寸法:直径 105 mm / 高さ 172 mm




・ 電子レンジ、直火、湯煎での使用を避けてください。




carafe M dark amber

The clear nature of glass combined with the rings of transparent urushi lacquer offer texture to the gradation on these pieces. The uniquely shaped carafes also have measurement markers incorporated into the design.

marker approx. 540ml / 400ml / 180ml


Design: Toshihiro Aya (o-lab)


φ 105mm / h 172 mm


Product details

    Product name: Urushi glassware

    Type of surface decoration: Urushi lacquer fixed by heat

    Base material: Glass

    Country of manufacture: Japan



Please heed the care instructions as detailed below.

  ・ Please use this piece for its intended purpose.

  ・ Please discontinue use in the event of a breakage,

       chip or crack in the glass.

  ・ To ensure the colors do not fade or degrade, store

       the piece away from exposure to direct sunlight.

  ・ Do not use abrasive scrubbing pads or brushes.

  ・ Do not shake or subject the piece to any strong impact.

  ・ Do not stack Hyakushiki pieces.

  ・ Avoid exposure to boiling liquids, direct fire, etc.

  ・ Do not microwave.